When Is the Winter Steam Sale 2017

When Is the Winter Steam Sale 2017?

The holiday season is just around the corner, and that means it’s time for the much-anticipated Winter Steam Sale. Gamers from around the world eagerly await this annual event to snag their favorite games at discounted prices. But when exactly is the Winter Steam Sale 2017? Let’s find out!

The Winter Steam Sale is a yearly event organized by Valve Corporation, the company behind the popular gaming platform, Steam. During this time, thousands of games go on sale, allowing gamers to purchase titles at significantly reduced prices. The sale usually takes place in late December and continues into the first week of January. However, the exact dates are not announced until a few days before the sale begins.

Gamers can expect the Winter Steam Sale 2017 to start around December 21st or 22nd, as this has been the trend in recent years. The sale typically lasts for two weeks, giving players ample time to browse and purchase their desired games. The event usually ends on January 4th or 5th, allowing gamers to start the new year with a fantastic gaming collection.

Now, let’s address some frequently asked questions about the Winter Steam Sale:

1. How much can I save during the Winter Steam Sale?
The discounts during the Winter Steam Sale can vary greatly, with some games being discounted by up to 90%. It’s the perfect opportunity to grab those games you’ve been eyeing at a fraction of their original price.

2. Do I need to have a Steam account to participate?
Yes, you will need a Steam account to take advantage of the Winter Steam Sale. Creating an account is free and can be done easily on the Steam website.

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3. Can I gift games to my friends during the sale?
Absolutely! Steam offers the option to purchase games as gifts, allowing you to spread the holiday spirit and surprise your friends with their favorite titles.

4. Will newly released games be included in the sale?
While it’s unlikely to find newly released games at heavily discounted prices, there are often some deals on recently launched titles. It’s worth keeping an eye out for any surprises.

5. Can I refund a game I bought during the sale?
Yes, Steam allows refunds for games purchased during the sale, as long as you meet the refund criteria. Make sure to read the terms and conditions to avoid any disappointments.

6. Are there any special events or mini-games during the Winter Steam Sale?
Valve often includes special events and mini-games during their sales, offering additional discounts, achievements, or collectible items. Stay tuned for any announcements regarding these exciting extras.

7. Can I use Steam Wallet funds to make purchases during the sale?
Yes, you can use your Steam Wallet funds to purchase games during the Winter Steam Sale. Adding funds to your wallet is easy and can be done through various payment methods.

8. Are all games on Steam included in the sale?
While the majority of games on Steam go on sale during the Winter Steam Sale, it is up to the game developers and publishers to decide whether to participate or not. However, there are usually thousands of games available at discounted prices.

9. Can I still play my purchased games after the sale ends?
Of course! Once you’ve purchased a game, it is yours to keep and play forever, even after the sale ends. The Winter Steam Sale is simply an opportunity to get games at lower prices.

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10. Are there any recommended strategies for shopping during the sale?
It’s always a good idea to create a wishlist of games you want in advance. This way, you can easily keep track of their prices during the sale and make informed decisions.

11. Can I still receive Steam trading cards during the sale?
Yes, you can still earn and collect Steam trading cards during the Winter Steam Sale. These cards can be used to craft badges or sold on the Steam marketplace.

12. Are there any hidden gems I should look out for during the sale?
There are always hidden gems waiting to be discovered during the Winter Steam Sale. It’s a great time to explore new genres or lesser-known titles you might have missed.

In conclusion, the Winter Steam Sale 2017 is expected to start around December 21st or 22nd and last for two weeks. During this time, gamers can enjoy significant discounts on a wide range of games. Whether you’re a casual player or a hardcore gamer, this sale is an excellent opportunity to expand your gaming library without breaking the bank. So mark your calendars, create your wishlist, and get ready for the ultimate gaming extravaganza!

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