When Is Rei November Sale

When Is Rei November Sale?

REI, also known as Recreational Equipment Inc., is a popular outdoor retail store that offers a wide range of products for outdoor enthusiasts. One of the most anticipated events at REI is their annual November sale, where customers can find great deals on outdoor gear, clothing, and equipment. If you’re wondering when the REI November sale takes place, we have all the details for you.

The REI November sale typically occurs around the fourth Friday of November, which is also known as Black Friday. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and is considered the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season. Many retailers, including REI, offer significant discounts and promotions on this day to attract customers.

However, what sets REI apart is their commitment to the outdoors and their employees. In recent years, REI has chosen to close their stores on Black Friday and encourage their staff and customers to spend the day outdoors instead of shopping. This decision, known as the #OptOutside campaign, has gained widespread recognition and appreciation from outdoor enthusiasts worldwide.

Instead of participating in the traditional Black Friday chaos, REI encourages people to spend time with loved ones and enjoy the great outdoors. They even provide resources and ideas on their website for outdoor activities that can be done on Black Friday. This unique approach has garnered a lot of positive attention and has become a defining characteristic of the REI brand.

While REI does not have traditional Black Friday sales in their stores, they still offer great discounts and promotions during their November sale. The exact dates and details of the sale may vary each year, so it’s important to stay updated by checking REI’s website or subscribing to their newsletter.

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FAQs about the REI November Sale:

1. What kind of discounts can I expect during the REI November sale?
– REI offers significant discounts on outdoor gear, clothing, and equipment. Discounts can range from 20% to 50% off or even more.

2. Can I shop the REI November sale online?
– Yes, you can shop the REI November sale both in-store and online. REI’s website will have all the deals and promotions available during the sale.

3. Is the REI November sale only for members?
– No, the November sale is open to everyone. However, REI members often receive additional benefits such as extra discounts or early access to the sale.

4. How long does the REI November sale last?
– The sale typically lasts for several days, including the Black Friday weekend. However, some deals may be limited in quantity or time, so it’s best to shop early.

5. Are all REI products included in the November sale?
– Most products at REI are eligible for discounts during the November sale, but certain exclusions may apply. You can check the terms and conditions on REI’s website for more information.

6. Can I return or exchange items purchased during the REI November sale?
– Yes, REI has a generous return policy, and items purchased during the November sale can be returned or exchanged according to their regular guidelines.

7. Can I stack discounts or use coupons during the REI November sale?
– REI’s coupon policy may vary during the November sale, so it’s best to check their website or contact customer service to inquire about any specific discounts or coupons.

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8. Can I use my REI dividend during the November sale?
– Yes, you can use your REI dividend to make purchases during the November sale. Dividends are typically issued to REI members based on their yearly purchases.

9. Are there any limitations on the quantity of items I can purchase during the REI November sale?
– While there may not be explicit limitations, some deals may have quantity restrictions or limited availability. It’s always best to check the terms and conditions for each specific deal.

10. Can I price match items during the REI November sale?
– REI generally has a price match policy, but it may have specific limitations or exclusions during the November sale. It’s advisable to check their website or contact customer service for more information.

11. Are there any special offers for REI Co-op members during the November sale?
– Yes, REI Co-op members often receive additional benefits and exclusive discounts during the November sale. These offers may vary each year, so it’s best to check REI’s website or member communications for the latest updates.

12. Can I find deals on popular outdoor brands during the REI November sale?
– Yes, REI carries a wide range of popular outdoor brands, and you can find deals on many of them during the November sale. However, availability and discounts may vary, so it’s advisable to check the sale details for specific brands you’re interested in.

In conclusion, the REI November sale is an exciting event for outdoor enthusiasts and bargain hunters alike. While it may not coincide with the traditional Black Friday, REI offers fantastic discounts and promotions on outdoor gear, clothing, and equipment. Whether you choose to shop in-store or online, make sure to mark your calendar and take advantage of the great deals during the REI November sale.

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