What Is Rei Garage Sale

What Is Rei Garage Sale?

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, chances are you have heard of REI, the popular outdoor retailer. But have you ever heard of the REI Garage Sale? If not, you are missing out on a fantastic opportunity to grab some incredible deals on outdoor gear. In this article, we will delve into what the REI Garage Sale is all about, and answer some frequently asked questions to help you make the most of this event.

The REI Garage Sale is a semi-annual event hosted by REI, where they sell gently used and returned gear at significantly discounted prices. It is a wonderful opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts to score great deals on everything from hiking boots to camping equipment. The gear available during the Garage Sale is typically in excellent condition, with some items looking brand new.

The event is held at participating REI stores across the United States, usually taking place early in the morning on a Saturday. To gain access to the Garage Sale, you must be an REI member. If you are not already a member, you can sign up for a lifetime membership for a small fee, which grants you access to many benefits, including the Garage Sale.

During the Garage Sale, you can expect to find a wide range of outdoor gear, including clothing, footwear, camping equipment, cycling gear, and more. The selection varies from store to store, and each Garage Sale can offer different items depending on what has been returned or exchanged. You can find top outdoor brands like The North Face, Patagonia, Marmot, and REI’s own brand.

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Now, let’s dive into some frequently asked questions about the REI Garage Sale:

1. Can anyone attend the REI Garage Sale?
No, only REI members can attend the Garage Sale. However, anyone can become a member by signing up at any REI store or online.

2. Are the prices at the Garage Sale significantly discounted?
Yes, the prices are often heavily discounted, with some items being sold at up to 50% off or more.

3. Can I return items purchased at the Garage Sale?
No, all Garage Sale items are sold “as-is” and are final sale. Make sure to thoroughly inspect items before purchasing.

4. Can I use my REI dividend or coupons at the Garage Sale?
No, discounts, coupons, and dividends cannot be used during the Garage Sale.

5. Is there a limit on the number of items I can purchase?
Some stores may impose a limit on the number of items each customer can purchase to ensure fairness.

6. Are there any restrictions on payment methods?
Most stores accept cash, debit cards, and credit cards. However, it’s best to bring multiple payment options as it may vary by location.

7. Are there any warranties on Garage Sale items?
No, Garage Sale items are sold without warranties, so it’s important to carefully inspect each item before purchasing.

8. Can I try on clothing or test equipment during the Garage Sale?
Due to the high volume of customers, trying on clothing or testing equipment is not typically allowed. It’s best to know your size and do some research beforehand.

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9. Can I return or exchange items purchased at the Garage Sale later?
No, all Garage Sale items are final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged.

10. Are there any additional discounts for REI members?
While the Garage Sale prices are already heavily discounted, REI members can enjoy additional member-exclusive discounts on select items.

11. Are there any special hours for the Garage Sale?
Yes, the Garage Sale usually starts early in the morning, so it’s recommended to arrive early to secure the best deals.

12. Can I bring my own bags or backpacks to carry my purchases?
Yes, you are encouraged to bring your own bags or backpacks to carry your purchases, as REI tries to minimize the use of disposable bags.

In conclusion, the REI Garage Sale is an excellent opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts to score great deals on gently used and returned outdoor gear. With heavily discounted prices and a wide variety of items available, attending the Garage Sale can be an exciting and cost-effective way to upgrade your outdoor gear collection. Just remember to be prepared, arrive early, and thoroughly inspect items before purchasing. Happy shopping!

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