How to Get Promotion Points Army 2022

Title: How to Get Promotion Points in the Army 2022: A Comprehensive Guide


Earning a promotion in the military is a significant achievement that showcases your dedication, skillset, and potential for leadership. In the Army, obtaining promotion points is a crucial aspect of advancing through the ranks. This article will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to accumulate promotion points in the Army in 2022, along with answering twelve frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to the topic.

I. Understanding Promotion Points:

1. What are promotion points?
Promotion points are a means of measuring a soldier’s potential for promotion. These points are awarded for various accomplishments, such as completing training courses, demonstrating proficiency in job-related tasks, and acquiring educational qualifications.

2. How are promotion points calculated?
Promotion points are calculated based on specific criteria, including military training, awards, civilian education, military education, and promotion boards.

II. Ways to Accumulate Promotion Points:

1. Military Training:
Participating in military training courses, such as Warrior Leader Course (WLC), Advanced Leader Course (ALC), and Senior Leader Course (SLC), can earn you valuable promotion points.

2. Awards:
Receiving awards and decorations, such as the Army Achievement Medal or the Army Commendation Medal, contributes to your promotion points. Recognition for exceptional performance is highly regarded.

3. Civilian Education:
Completing college courses or obtaining a degree can significantly boost your promotion points. Transcripts and diplomas must be submitted for evaluation.

4. Military Education:
Completing military education courses, such as Structured Self-Development (SSD) or Advanced Individual Training (AIT), can earn you promotion points.

5. Promotion Boards:
Successfully passing promotion boards, such as the Sergeant or Staff Sergeant Promotion Board, will grant you additional promotion points.

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III. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Can I earn promotion points for physical fitness?
Physical fitness is essential for military service, but it does not directly contribute to promotion points. However, achieving high scores in the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) can make you a competitive candidate.

2. How can I improve my chances of being selected for promotion boards?
To improve your chances of being selected, focus on professional development, display leadership qualities, and maintain an outstanding performance record.

3. Can I earn promotion points for community service?
Yes, volunteering and community service can earn you promotion points. Ensure that you document your involvement and obtain appropriate documentation.

4. Is civilian education as valuable as military education for promotion points?
Both civilian and military education carry weight when it comes to promotion points. However, obtaining a college degree can significantly boost your overall score.

5. Can I earn promotion points for language proficiency?
Yes, demonstrating proficiency in a foreign language through the Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT) can earn you promotion points.

6. How can I earn promotion points for weapons qualifications?
Achieving high scores in weapons qualifications can earn you promotion points. Ensure that your qualifications are properly recorded in your official military records.

7. Can I earn promotion points for earning a professional certification?
Yes, completing professional certifications related to your military occupational specialty (MOS) can earn you promotion points.

8. Is there a maximum limit on promotion points?
Yes, there are maximum limits for each promotion category. These limits vary depending on the rank and military occupational specialty (MOS).

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9. Can I earn promotion points for completing correspondence courses?
Yes, completing approved correspondence courses can earn you promotion points. Ensure that you submit the completion certificates for evaluation.

10. How often are promotion points updated?
Promotion points are updated monthly, allowing soldiers to track their progress and identify areas for improvement.

11. Can I retroactively claim promotion points for past achievements?
Promotion points can only be claimed for achievements that occurred after joining the military or completing previous service obligations.

12. What happens if I do not earn enough promotion points for promotion?
If you do not earn enough promotion points for promotion, you may need to reassess your strategy and focus on areas that can boost your overall score. Seek guidance from your chain of command or career counselor for further assistance.


Earning promotion points in the Army is a multifaceted process that requires dedication, continuous self-improvement, and a comprehensive understanding of the criteria. By utilizing the strategies outlined in this guide and staying committed to personal and professional development, you can increase your chances of advancing through the ranks and accomplishing your career goals in the Army.

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