How to Get Cheap Predators Tickets

How to Get Cheap Predators Tickets

The Nashville Predators are one of the most exciting teams in the National Hockey League (NHL), and attending their games can be a thrilling experience. However, acquiring tickets to see them play can sometimes be expensive. If you’re looking to catch a Predators game without breaking the bank, here are some tips on how to get cheap tickets.

1. Buy from Resale Marketplaces: Websites like StubHub, SeatGeek, and Vivid Seats offer a wide range of ticket options, including resale tickets at potentially lower prices. These platforms allow season ticket holders or individuals unable to attend a game to sell their tickets at a discounted rate.

2. Check the Predators’ Official Website: The team’s official website often releases limited discounted tickets, especially for weekday games or matchups against less popular teams. Be sure to check their website regularly for any special promotions or deals.

3. Follow Predators Social Media: The Nashville Predators frequently announce ticket promotions and discounts on their social media platforms. By following their official accounts on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, you can stay updated on any upcoming ticket offers.

4. Purchase Tickets in Advance: Buying tickets well in advance can often result in lower prices, as prices tend to rise as the game day approaches. Plan ahead and secure your tickets as soon as they become available to maximize your chances of finding a good deal.

5. Attend Weekday Games: Weekday games are generally less popular than weekend matchups, which can lead to lower ticket prices. If your schedule allows, consider attending a game on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday to take advantage of potentially cheaper tickets.

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6. Look for Package Deals: Some ticket vendors offer package deals that include additional perks such as food vouchers or merchandise discounts. These packages can provide excellent value for money and enhance your overall game-day experience.

7. Consider Upper-Level Seats: While lower-level seats offer the best view, upper-level seats can be significantly cheaper. If you’re primarily interested in the game’s atmosphere and aren’t too concerned about having the closest view, opt for seats in the upper level to save some money.


1. Can I get cheap Predators tickets at the box office?
While occasionally the box office may release some discounted tickets, it is generally more likely to find cheaper tickets through online resale marketplaces or the team’s official website.

2. Are there any student discounts available for Predators tickets?
Yes, the Nashville Predators offer a student discount for select games. Check their website or contact their ticket office for more information on eligibility and availability.

3. Are there any hidden fees when purchasing tickets online?
Some ticket vendors may charge additional fees such as service charges, convenience fees, or delivery fees. Be sure to review the total cost, including fees, before finalizing your purchase.

4. Can I resell my Predators tickets if I can’t attend the game?
Yes, you can resell your Predators tickets through various online platforms. However, it’s important to be cautious and ensure you use reputable websites to avoid scams or fraudulent transactions.

5. What is the best time to buy cheap Predators tickets?
The best time to buy cheap Predators tickets is usually when they are first released or well in advance of the game. Prices tend to rise as the event gets closer.

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6. Are there any group discounts available for Predators tickets?
Yes, the Nashville Predators offer group ticket discounts for parties of 15 or more. Contact their ticket office for more information on group pricing and availability.

7. Can I bring food and drinks into the arena?
Outside food and drinks are generally not allowed inside the arena. However, there are various food and beverage options available for purchase within the venue.

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