How to Find Dealership Invoice Price

Title: How to Find Dealership Invoice Price: A Comprehensive Guide


When buying a car, it’s essential to have accurate knowledge of the dealership invoice price. This price represents the amount that the dealer paid to acquire the vehicle from the manufacturer. Armed with this information, you can negotiate better deals and ensure you’re not paying more than necessary. In this article, we will explore various methods to find the dealership invoice price, empowering you to make informed decisions during your car purchase.

Methods to Find Dealership Invoice Price

1. Online Research: Several websites provide dealership invoice price information, such as Edmunds, Kelley Blue Book, and TrueCar. Visit their respective websites, enter the vehicle’s make, model, and trim level, and you’ll gain access to the invoice price.

2. Contact the Manufacturer: Reach out to the car manufacturer directly and inquire about the invoice price for the specific model you’re interested in. They may not provide this information readily, but it’s worth a try and can provide an accurate figure.

3. Ask the Dealer: While dealerships may not willingly disclose the invoice price, you can politely request it during your negotiations. Some dealerships are open to sharing this information, especially if you’re a serious buyer.

4. Join Automotive Forums: Online communities dedicated to car enthusiasts often have members willing to provide invoice prices based on their experiences. Participating in these forums can help you gather valuable insights and connect with knowledgeable individuals.

5. Hire an Automotive Broker: Automotive brokers have access to extensive industry information, including dealership invoice prices. They can assist you in negotiations and ensure you get the best deal possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the dealership invoice price?
The dealership invoice price is the amount the dealer pays to the manufacturer to acquire a vehicle. It includes the base price, optional features, and destination charges.

2. Why is knowing the dealership invoice price important?
Knowing the invoice price helps you negotiate a fair deal. It provides insight into the dealer’s profit margin and prevents you from overpaying.

3. Is the dealership invoice price the same as the dealer’s cost?
No, the dealership invoice price is not the same as the dealer’s final cost. Dealerships also receive incentives, rebates, and holdbacks, which can lower their actual cost.

4. Do dealership invoice prices vary?
Yes, dealership invoice prices vary based on factors such as location, demand, and dealership-specific agreements with the manufacturer.

5. Are dealership invoice prices available for all vehicles?
Most vehicles have an invoice price available. However, limited production or specialty vehicles may not have publicly accessible invoice prices.

6. Can I negotiate below the invoice price?
While negotiating below the invoice price is challenging, it’s not impossible. Focus on other factors like incentives, discounts, or trade-in values to achieve a better deal.

7. Is the dealership invoice price the lowest possible price?
No, the dealership invoice price is not the lowest possible price. Dealerships have additional expenses, and negotiation room exists beyond the invoice price.

8. Can I use the dealership invoice price for used vehicles?
The dealership invoice price is primarily applicable to new vehicles. For used cars, factors like mileage, condition, and market demand play a more significant role in determining the price.

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9. Are dealership invoice prices negotiable?
Dealership invoice prices are usually non-negotiable. However, you can negotiate other aspects like trade-in value, financing rates, or added features to offset the price.

10. How often do dealership invoice prices change?
Dealership invoice prices may change periodically, especially with the introduction of new models or updates. It’s recommended to verify the current invoice price before negotiating.

11. Can I use the dealership invoice price for leasing?
For leasing, the capitalized cost, which is similar to the invoice price, is used. However, it may include additional factors like the vehicle’s residual value and money factor.

12. Is the dealership invoice price the same as the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP)?
No, the dealership invoice price is the amount the dealer pays to the manufacturer, while the MSRP is the price suggested by the manufacturer to sell the vehicle. The dealer’s profit margin lies between these two figures.


Knowing the dealership invoice price is crucial when purchasing a car, as it empowers you to negotiate effectively and avoid overpaying. Through online research, contacting the manufacturer, engaging with dealerships, or seeking assistance from professionals, you can access this valuable information. Armed with the invoice price, you can confidently navigate the car buying process and secure the best deal possible.

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