How to Check Promotion Points Army

Title: How to Check Promotion Points in the Army: A Comprehensive Guide


In the United States Army, promotion points play a crucial role in determining an individual’s eligibility for advancement. These points are earned through various accomplishments, such as completing training courses, acquiring additional education, or demonstrating exemplary performance. As a soldier, it is essential to understand how to check your promotion points to ensure you are on the right track towards your desired career progression. This article will guide you through the process, providing step-by-step instructions and answering frequently asked questions.

Checking Promotion Points:

1. Start by accessing the Army’s Personnel Electronic Records Management System (iPERMS) through the Army Knowledge Online (AKO) portal.

2. Log in to AKO using your Common Access Card (CAC) or username and password.

3. Navigate to the Self-Service section and select the “Self-Service My Records” option.

4. Locate the “Promotion Point Worksheet” and click on it to open the document.

5. Review your promotion point worksheet to evaluate your current standing and identify areas where you can earn additional points.

6. Cross-reference your promotion points with the current cutoff scores for your desired rank to determine your eligibility for promotion.


1. How often should I check my promotion points?
It is recommended to check your promotion points at least once a month to stay updated on your progress and make any necessary adjustments.

2. Can I view my promotion points from home?
Yes, you can access your promotion point worksheet from any computer with internet access by logging into the AKO portal.

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3. What should I do if I notice any discrepancies in my promotion points?
If you identify any discrepancies, contact your unit’s personnel office immediately to rectify the issue.

4. How do I earn promotion points?
Promotion points can be earned through various means, including completing military training courses, accumulating college credits, and receiving awards for outstanding performance.

5. Can I earn promotion points for physical fitness?
Yes, achieving high scores on the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) can earn you promotion points.

6. Are there any limitations on the number of promotion points I can earn?
There is no maximum limit on promotion points. The more points you accumulate, the better your chances of promotion.

7. Can I lose promotion points?
Yes, promotion points can be lost if you fail to maintain certain qualifications or if your performance does not meet the required standards.

8. How can I improve my promotion points?
To improve your promotion points, focus on completing relevant training courses, pursuing higher education, and actively participating in career-enhancing activities.

9. Can I use civilian education to earn promotion points?
Yes, you can earn promotion points by completing college courses or obtaining a degree.

10. Do awards and commendations contribute to promotion points?
Yes, receiving awards and commendations for outstanding performance can significantly increase your promotion points.

11. How can I calculate my promotion points?
The promotion point worksheet provides a detailed breakdown of your accumulated points. You can calculate your total promotion points by adding up the points earned in each category.

12. What if I have questions about my promotion points that are not covered here?
If you have additional questions or need further clarification, consult your unit’s career counselor or personnel office for guidance.

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Checking your promotion points regularly is vital for career progression in the Army. By understanding the process and staying updated on your points, you can make informed decisions to maximize your chances of promotion. Remember to maintain accurate records, pursue professional development opportunities, and seek guidance when needed. With dedication and a proactive approach, you can achieve your desired rank and advance your military career.

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