How to Add Stock Price in Excel

How to Add Stock Price in Excel: A Comprehensive Guide

In today’s fast-paced financial world, it is essential to have quick access to stock prices. Excel, the powerful spreadsheet software, offers a convenient way to track and analyze stock prices. By adding stock prices directly into Excel, you can save time and efficiently manage your investment portfolio. In this article, we will guide you through the process of adding stock prices in Excel, providing step-by-step instructions and addressing frequently asked questions to ensure a smooth experience.

Step 1: Open Excel and create a new worksheet or open an existing one where you want to add the stock prices.

Step 2: In an empty cell, enter the following formula: =WEBSERVICE(“URL”). Replace “URL” with the appropriate URL for the stock you want to track. For example, if you want to track the stock price of Apple Inc., the URL would be “”. This formula uses the WEBSERVICE function to fetch data from the specified URL.

Step 3: Press Enter, and Excel will update the cell with the stock price.

Step 4: To make the stock price update automatically, you can use the Excel function called “Refresh All.” Go to the “Data” tab, click on “Refresh All,” and it will update all the stock prices in your worksheet.

Step 5: Repeat steps 2 to 4 for each stock you want to track, placing the formulas in separate cells.

Now that you know the basic steps to add stock prices in Excel, let’s address some frequently asked questions to provide further clarity.

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Q1: Can I add historical stock prices in Excel?
A1: Yes, you can. By utilizing online platforms like Yahoo Finance or Google Finance, you can extract historical stock prices and import them into Excel using similar formulas.

Q2: How often do stock prices update in Excel?
A2: Stock prices update as frequently as you refresh the data. By default, Excel does not update stock prices in real-time. You need to manually refresh or use the “Refresh All” option to update the prices.

Q3: Can I add multiple stocks in a single formula?
A3: No, you need to create separate formulas for each stock. This allows you to track individual stock prices and customize your spreadsheet according to your needs.

Q4: Are stock prices delayed in Excel?
A4: Yes, the stock prices you fetch through online sources like Google Finance may have a short delay compared to real-time prices. The delay can range from a few seconds to a few minutes.

Q5: Can I customize the format of the stock prices in Excel?
A5: Absolutely! Excel provides various formatting options to customize the appearance of your stock prices. You can modify the number of decimal places, apply currency symbols, or even use conditional formatting for color-coding.

Q6: Can I create charts or graphs with the stock prices in Excel?
A6: Yes, Excel offers powerful charting capabilities. You can select the stock price data and create visually appealing charts or graphs to analyze trends and patterns.

Q7: How can I add stock prices for international stocks?
A7: The process is similar to adding stock prices for domestic stocks. Modify the URL in step 2 to reflect the stock exchange and ticker symbol of the international stock you want to track.

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Q8: Can I calculate the percentage change in stock prices in Excel?
A8: Yes, you can use Excel formulas to calculate the percentage change between two stock prices. Simply subtract the old price from the new price, divide by the old price, and multiply by 100.

Q9: Is it possible to add stock prices for mutual funds or ETFs?
A9: Yes, the process is the same as adding stock prices. Find the appropriate URL for the mutual fund or ETF and use it in the formula as mentioned in step 2.

Q10: Can I add stock prices for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin?
A10: Yes, you can add stock prices for cryptocurrencies. There are various websites and APIs that provide real-time cryptocurrency prices. You can fetch the data using the WEBSERVICE function.

Q11: Can I add stock prices for multiple dates in Excel?
A11: Yes, by using historical data sources, you can fetch stock prices for different dates and populate your Excel worksheet accordingly.

Q12: Can I add other financial data like volume or market cap alongside stock prices in Excel?
A12: Yes, you can include additional financial data alongside stock prices. The process is similar to adding stock prices. Find the appropriate URL or data source that provides the desired information and use it in the formula.

In conclusion, adding stock prices in Excel is a valuable skill for anyone involved in investments or financial analysis. With the ability to track multiple stocks, customize formatting, and perform calculations, Excel provides a versatile platform for managing your investment portfolio. By following the steps outlined in this article and referring to the FAQs, you can efficiently add stock prices in Excel and enhance your financial management capabilities.

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