How Do Offers Work on Mercari

How Do Offers Work on Mercari?

Mercari is a popular online marketplace where users can buy and sell a wide variety of items. One of the key features of Mercari is the ability to make and receive offers on listings. This article will explain how offers work on Mercari and answer some frequently asked questions about the process.

When you find an item you’re interested in purchasing on Mercari, you have the option to make an offer to the seller. Making an offer allows you to negotiate the price of the item and potentially get a better deal. Here’s how the process works:

1. Find the item: Browse through the listings on Mercari and find the item you want to make an offer on.

2. Make an offer: Click on the “Make an Offer” button on the listing page. Enter the amount you’re willing to pay for the item and any additional terms or conditions you want to include.

3. Wait for a response: Once you’ve submitted your offer, the seller will receive a notification and can choose to accept, decline, or counter your offer.

4. Negotiate: If the seller counters your offer, you can choose to accept their counteroffer, decline it, or make another counteroffer. This process continues until an agreement is reached or one party decides to end the negotiation.

5. Finalize the deal: When both parties agree on a price, the seller can either accept the offer or create a private listing with the agreed-upon terms. The buyer can then purchase the item through the private listing.

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Now, let’s address some common questions about making offers on Mercari:

1. Can I make an offer on any item on Mercari?
Yes, you can make an offer on any listing that allows offers. However, some sellers may choose to disable the offer option for certain items.

2. How long do sellers have to respond to an offer?
Sellers have 24 hours to respond to an offer. If they don’t respond within that time frame, the offer will expire.

3. Can I cancel an offer after I’ve made it?
No, once you’ve made an offer, you cannot cancel it.

4. Can I negotiate shipping costs in an offer?
Yes, you can negotiate shipping costs in an offer. You can specify your desired shipping method or request a discount on shipping fees.

5. Can I make multiple offers on the same item?
No, you can only make one offer on an item at a time. If the seller declines or counters your offer, you can then make another offer.

6. Can sellers see my previous offers?
No, sellers can only see the most recent offer you’ve made on their listing.

7. Can I retract or modify an offer after the seller has responded?
No, once the seller has responded to your offer, you cannot retract or modify it.

8. Can I make an offer on an item that has already been sold?
No, you cannot make an offer on a sold item. The offer option is only available for listings that are still active.

9. Can sellers block me from making offers?
Yes, sellers have the ability to block specific users from making offers on their listings.

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10. Are offers binding?
No, offers on Mercari are not binding. Both the buyer and seller have the option to accept, decline, or counter offers.

11. Can I make an offer on an item with free shipping?
Yes, you can still make an offer on an item with free shipping. However, keep in mind that the seller may not be willing to negotiate the price further if shipping is already included.

12. Can I leave feedback on a seller’s response to my offer?
No, you cannot leave feedback specifically for a seller’s response to your offer. Feedback is only available for completed transactions.

In conclusion, making offers on Mercari is a great way to negotiate prices and potentially get a better deal on items you’re interested in purchasing. Remember to be respectful and patient during the negotiation process, and always check the listing for any specific offer guidelines set by the seller. Happy shopping!

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