Do What Thou Wilt Album Sales

Do What Thou Wilt Album Sales: A Deep Dive into Ab-Soul’s Success


Ab-Soul, the critically acclaimed hip-hop artist known for his thought-provoking lyrics and unique style, released his fourth studio album, “Do What Thou Wilt,” in 2016. This highly anticipated project not only showcased Ab-Soul’s growth as an artist but also received widespread praise from fans and critics alike. In this article, we will delve into the album’s sales figures and explore the reasons behind its success. Additionally, we will address 12 frequently asked questions about “Do What Thou Wilt” and provide insightful answers.

Album Sales:

“Do What Thou Wilt” debuted at number 34 on the Billboard 200 chart, with approximately 10,000 equivalent album units sold in its first week. These numbers may not seem staggering compared to mainstream artists, but considering Ab-Soul’s penchant for complex and introspective lyricism, it is a commendable achievement. The album’s sales were primarily driven by digital downloads and streaming platforms, where it gained significant traction and reached a wide audience.

Factors Contributing to Success:

1. Artistic Growth: Ab-Soul’s previous albums had already established him as a skilled lyricist, but “Do What Thou Wilt” showcased a marked progression in terms of production quality and musical experimentation. The album’s cohesive sound, combined with Ab-Soul’s introspective and socially aware lyrics, captivated listeners and garnered critical acclaim.

2. Fan Base: Over the years, Ab-Soul has cultivated a dedicated and passionate fan base. These loyal supporters eagerly anticipated the release of “Do What Thou Wilt” and actively promoted it on social media platforms. Their enthusiasm undoubtedly played a significant role in driving album sales.

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3. Collaborations: Ab-Soul’s ability to collaborate with other talented artists contributed to the album’s success. Features from artists such as Schoolboy Q, SZA, and Mac Miller not only added variety to the tracks but also attracted fans of these artists to explore Ab-Soul’s work.

4. Marketing Strategy: TDE (Top Dawg Entertainment), the renowned record label Ab-Soul is signed to, employed effective marketing strategies to promote the album. From pre-release singles to engaging social media campaigns, TDE ensured that “Do What Thou Wilt” remained in the public eye.

Now, let’s address 12 frequently asked questions about “Do What Thou Wilt”:

1. What does the album title “Do What Thou Wilt” mean?
– The title is derived from the philosophical concept of Thelema, which promotes individualism and personal freedom. It suggests that one should follow their true will or calling in life.

2. What are some standout tracks from the album?
– Notable tracks from “Do What Thou Wilt” include “RAW (Backwards)” featuring Zacari, “D.R.U.G.S.,” and “Huey Knew THEN” featuring Da$h.

3. How did critics receive the album?
– Critics praised “Do What Thou Wilt” for its introspective lyrics, cohesive production, and Ab-Soul’s ability to tackle various social issues. It received generally positive reviews, with many considering it a strong addition to Ab-Soul’s discography.

4. Did the album win any awards?
– While “Do What Thou Wilt” didn’t win any major awards, it was nominated for Best Rap Album at the 2017 BET Hip Hop Awards.

5. Did the album receive commercial success internationally?
– While the album primarily found success in the United States, it also garnered a significant following worldwide, especially among hip-hop enthusiasts.

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6. Are there any notable collaborations on the album?
– Yes, the album features collaborations with artists such as Schoolboy Q, SZA, Mac Miller, and Bas.

7. How did the album’s sales compare to Ab-Soul’s previous works?
– “Do What Thou Wilt” experienced slightly higher first-week sales compared to Ab-Soul’s previous album, “These Days…”. It showcased a steady growth in Ab-Soul’s fan base.

8. What themes does Ab-Soul explore in this album?
– Ab-Soul delves into various themes such as spirituality, personal struggles, social injustice, and the pursuit of self-expression.

9. Did the album receive radio airplay?
– While “Do What Thou Wilt” didn’t generate significant mainstream radio hits, it received airplay on independent and underground radio stations that cater to a more alternative hip-hop audience.

10. Did the album’s success translate into a successful tour?
– Ab-Soul embarked on a successful tour following the release of “Do What Thou Wilt.” The album’s popularity played a role in attracting audiences and selling out shows.

11. How has the album aged since its release?
– “Do What Thou Wilt” has aged gracefully and is still regarded as a standout project in Ab-Soul’s discography. Its thought-provoking lyrics and unique production continue to resonate with fans.

12. Can we expect a follow-up album in the near future?
– While Ab-Soul has not released a full-length album since “Do What Thou Wilt,” he has hinted at future projects. Fans eagerly anticipate his next release, hoping for another impactful and introspective project.


“Do What Thou Wilt” stands as a testament to Ab-Soul’s artistic growth and the loyalty of his fan base. Despite its relatively modest sales figures, the album’s impact and critical acclaim cannot be overlooked. As Ab-Soul continues to evolve as an artist, his fans eagerly await his next release, hoping for another thought-provoking and introspective project that resonates with listeners worldwide.

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